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Our goal is to give you small company, individual service with “box store” convenience.  We have many customers that heard of us through a personal recommendation and referrals from current customers.   They have learned that we can make their life easier by one call to Pacific Overhead Door.   Our free estimates let you explore your options without unnecessary stress.


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We have all the Fireplace Accessories you need


Increase efficiency by circulating the air heated by your heath appliance.


Bring home extra convenience by ordering a remote control for your fireplace.


Increase the efficiency of your new fireplace by adding porcelain reflective radiant panels.

Register your Fireplace and get an Extended Warranty.*

*Extended warranty covers: blowers, gas valves, thermal switches, switches, wiring, remote controls, ignitors, gaskets and pilot assemblies. See all conditions and limitations

Does my Fireplace need Service & Maintenance?

Annual Service = Optimal Fireplace Performance

Your hearth appliance needs an occasional tune-up to keep it operating a peak levels and according to the manufacturers specifications. For maximum safety and performance, your fireplace needs annual inspection, adjustment & cleaning. In addition, some manufacturers say that your appliance must be maintained by an authorized and certified hearth technician in order to keep your warranty active.

Overlooked Fireplace Maintenance can bring about Potential Problems

Fireplaces may develop problems that may not be discovered if not properly inspected and maintained annually. Potential Problems Include: Leaky seals and gaskets (Potential Carbon Monoxide), Pilot light keeps going out, Low or ghost flame appearance, Boom when turning on the fireplace, Too much or too little Heat, Fireplace glass turning black.

Our 13 point Fireplace Maintenance Plan

・Check for broken or missing door gasket.
・Clean out the burner and pilot assembly.
・Vacuum and clean out the control compartments, media, burner, air shutter opening and the area surrounding the logs.
・Check that all burner ports are burning. Clean out any of the ports which may not be burning or not burning properly.
・Check to see that the pilot flame is at the optimal level.
・Check to see that the main burner ignites completely on all openings when turned on.

・Check the air intake system and re-seal if needed.
・Clean the safety barrier of excessive lint /dust from carpeting, pets, etc.
・Ensure the relief system preforms effectively.
・Check for gas leaks on all connections including the pilot tube connection.
・Check the gas control value pilot and hi/lo knobs move freely.
・Check all millivolt currents and connections.
・Check the gas value manifold pressure.